Technical and Corporate Documents

Silver Bullet's management team has spent over $1.5 million of their personal money, working on these projects over the past 10 years.  Everyone involved is excited to see the pilot plant being built and the mine restarting

Subscription Agreement for Financing
Announced October 21, 2022
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Platinum - Group Element Potential of 
Porphyry Deposits
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pd report .png

January 2022 - David F. Briggs - Geology and History
of the Globe-Miami Region

Briggs Report.png

September 2022 - Assay Certificates
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May 2022 - The Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) Report on the Washington Mine - Idaho

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Current NI 43-101 Report

Silver Bullet Mines -  Technical Report.png

Historical Reports

Silver Bullet Mines -  Slides for website - old 43-101.png
Silver Bullet Mines -  Slides for website - old old 43-101.png

Flow Sheet for Pilot Plant

The current pilot plant under construction.

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