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Silver Bullet's Team has plans to put the Buckeye Mine Back into Production
Currently building a 125 MTPD pilot plant and extracting a bulk sample at the Mine.

4900 acres - 232  BLM unpatented mining claims - Plus 1 patented claim (Buckeye Mine)

(patented claim is subject to annual lease payments and a 5% royalty)

Silver - 5 historical mines - Multiple shafts and over 74 adits

  1. McMorris  Mine   700ft shaft

  2. McCellan Mine  250ft shaft

  3. Silver Seven Mine  Adits

  4. La Plata Mine  Adits

  5. Buckeye Mine  Adits


In 2017 and 2018 the current Management of Silver Bullet Mines

  1. Drilled 14 holes / 1500 metres 

  2. Produced 500 ozs of Silver from the Buckeye Mine


Past Producing Mines


•Source of the legendary

silver bullets


•McMorris Mine produced 

approx. 500,000 ounces

at 250 oz/ton in direct shipping

ore until 1893*


•Mines and veins of area were never fully exploited or explored. 100%- owned Richmond Basin shows significant potential for multi-million ounce silver deposits

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