Near Term Silver Production

Copper Porphyry Potential

Welcome to Silver Bullet Mines Inc., Over the past 10 years over U$4 million or C$5.6 million has been spent on this project.  The Directors have personally invested over C$900,000.

4900 acres - 232 claims - Plus three - 20 acre patented claims

Silver - 5 historical mines - Multiple shafts and over 74 adits

Copper – Potential Copper Porphyry

4 copper / gold zones

500 ozs  of Silver were produced in 2018 from a test program, now ready for production.

News Flash: Silver Bullet adds another high grade silver mine to its asset
base with the Washington Mine, Idaho


2017 -Video Interview

Buckeye Silver Mine

Ellis Martin and

John Carter,

CEO of Silver Bullet Mines Inc.

At Silver Bullet Mines Inc., our property is located within a 30 mile radius of multiple copper/gold porphyry mines and Silver mines.

“They say the best place to discover a mine is in the shadow of a headframe,” atop mine shafts, said Maria Smirnova, portfolio manager at Sprott Asset Management.

“It only makes sense to be looking in your own backyard first before exploring elsewhere,” said Paul Rollinson, Chief Executive of Kinross Gold, which spends about 90 percent of its exploration budget around existing sites.

“We focus on areas we already know, with existing infrastructure nearby, in jurisdictions we are comfortable with.”

According Wikipedia, "porphyry orebodies can be economic from copper concentrations as low as 0.15% copper and can have economic amounts of by-products such as molybdenumsilver, and gold. In some mines, those metals are the main product."

Due to the high grade silver deposits, and the copper found in soil samples, Silver Bullet Mines has the potential for a copper porphyry.  Note: additional exploration is needed to confirm this.

Location, Location, Location

2017 -Video Interview

Buckeye Silver Mine

Ellis Martin and John Carter, CEO of Silver Bullet Mines Inc.

2017 -Video Interview

Globe, Arizona, USA

Ellis Martin and John Carter, CEO of Silver Bullet Mines Inc.


Huge upside for Silver

Bob Moriarty visited the Black Diamond property in 2012.

Bob is a Silver Bull see the video with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable


2020 Fraser Institute

Investment Attractiveness Index


Arizona #2

Idaho #9


2020 Fraser Institute

Policy Perception Index


Idaho #1

Arizona #7


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